Structure of the perfusionist education

The perfusionist education is comprised of a theoretical and a practical part. The major part of the theory will take place within the education in Cardiovascular Technology, offered by Aarhus University.

The education is equal to one year of full time study and gives 60 ECTS points (please refer to brochure).
The classes at the education are conducted in English and have academic as well as professional aims. They are comprised of three different parts: Biomedical Technology and Research, Physiology and Treatment and Perfusion Techniques. The classes are compressed and intensive and for the most part in the form of normal class lectures.

This is done in three modules of 6 weeks every half year. A fourth module is dedicated to the thesis. In between these modules, the students are involved in practical training at their employing hospital. This practical training will also take place at an exchange hospital. The student will follow a comprehensive training and teaching program. The school have no responsibility for appointments, but will supervise the practical training by the means of the logbook and site visits with practical examn. The practical training is an indispensable part of the perfusionist education and a prerequisite for obtaining the certification as clinically certified perfusionist.