Scientific Thesis

Guidelines for preparation of scientific thesis for the education in Cardiovascular Technology.

The  project shall be a scientific study based on:

  1. Synopsis
  2. Scientific protocol
  3. Conduction of data analysis
  4. Interpretation of data
  5. Writing the thesis
  6. Presentation of thesis work and subsequent discussion with supervisor and external evaluator

No later than 2 month after the theoretical module on research planning and presentation the student should deliver a 2-4 page synopsis of the planned project. This synopsis shall be approved by the Scandinavian School of Cardiovascular Technology no later than 2 months after end of the theoretical module. Based on this synopsis the student and the supervisor shall formulate a full protocol. The study and in parallel practical research work can begin by establishing scientific methods and if feasible also data collection. No later than 6 month the thesis shall be delivered for external review after internal approval from the local supervisor.

The supervisor and the representative for the Scandinavian School of Cardiovascular Technology agree on a date for presentation of the scientific thesis project and subsequent discussion. Thesis presentation shall be held no later than 2 month after delivery.

Format for thesis:
The thesis shall be maximum 30 pages long and an appendix of maximum 20 pages is allowed if necessary for documentation. This is maximum requirements - shorter versions are acceptable.

Composition of the thesis:

  1. Front page stating title, student name, affiliation and name of the project (see example) and supervisor.
  2. Abstract - maximum 300 words.
  3. Acknowledgements to appriciate those who helped and supported.
  4. Introduction composed as clinical overview with statement of the scientific problem which is being addressed and ending up with a clearly stated hypothesis and short precise aim.
  5. Methodological considerations. In this section the student can justify the choice of methods for addressing the scientific problem.
  6. Material and methods stating scientific material (patients, animal, in vitro set up) and methods, used as well as data acquisition and data handling. A short paragraph on statistical methods shall be included as well.
  7. Results. Short concise presentation of required data and derived parameters along with a statistical analysis. (No interpretation at this stage).
  8. Discussion with the same overall composition as the introduction. The discussion should include critical review of the literature and critical discussion and interpretation of the student's own data and end up with a clearly stated conclusion which specifically addresses the previously stated aim. Study limitations shall be mentioned and discussed in this section also.
  9. References. Separate section on references.
  10. Table and figures can either be included in the body text or be enclosed as separate pages as long as the maximum extent of 30 pages is respected.
  11. Appendix. An appendix can comprise relevant additional information about the method description, additional data etc.

The thesis shall be defended with the presence  of the student's supervisor, an external reviewer and a representative from the Scandinavian School of Cardiovascular Technology. The duration of this session shall be a maximum of 60 minutes including maximum 20 minutes presentation from the student, who describes the scientific work and the most important conclusions.